Teatro Valli

Yesterday morning, some classmates of the Italian course and I visited the interior of the Teatro Valli. It is the most important theater in Reggio Emilia, and maybe also in Emilia Romagna. It is situated in one of the most important squares of the city, which is surrounded by the other city theaters: il Teatro Ariosto, la Galleria San Rocco e i Giardini Pubblici. When you see Teatro Valli from the outside, you can distinguish tuscan columns in granite. And once you are in the inside, you can observe the eliptical form of the room, with a real palco and white and gold decoration. If you look up, a huge crystal chandelier sorrounded by allegorical paintings in the ceiling leaves you speechless.

Image Image Image

A very authentic Italian woman guided us through the secrets of this building that has more than 150 years, completed by the architect Cesare Costa from Modena and the engineer Antonio Tegani from Reggio. The theater was inaugurated on April 21st of 1857 with the opera “Victor Pisani” by the musician Achille Peri, which was a very ugly opera, according to our guide.

We entered into the camerini (the dressing rooms) and also in the attic. Up there, we discovered a lot of material used as attrezzo for operas and concerts that, placed as it was, appeared to be part of a hidden museum. It was a great experience and now we know better the history of this important symbol of the city.

Image  Image  Image
 Image  Image  Image 

teatre valli italia




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