Dieci giorni

Dieci giorni. Ten days since I arrived in this small city called Reggio Emilia. Small compared to Barcelona, but bigger than I imagined based on GoogleMaps. However, I‘ve already got lost twice  in the city (not uncommon in me), which allowed me to discover new places, like Via Berta. Yes, here’s a street with my name! We can go walking anywhere and the other Erasmus people are super nice!

For now it seems a little like I’ve been transported in time: we don’t have internet at home, at the university the students come without a computer, we’re going to use MovieMaker for video editing and the streets are full of bicycles. I love it (except the MovieMaker part). On Tuesday morning I felt like I was in a movie when Theresa and I were walking through a street market. The sun was shining in the yellow and pink Italian houses, birds were flying, people shouting in Italian and a few musicians were playing the trumpet and the accordion creating the soundtrack of the moment. It seemed that at any moment could have fallen all the decoration or a spotlight, removing me from this film set. Mi piace tantissimo!



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