L’aspira polvere

My first post. I’m going to write in English, so that Berta’s friends can understand as well. Anyway, we are quite international in Reggio Emilia. Today in class I sat next to a Chinese girl who failed three times the exam I am going to take. Great.

Never mind, the first days here went really well. As David mentioned we have been to Ikea and our apartment is very big. Berta is from Spain, well, Catalonia, and David and me are Austrians, so, we are a nice binational crew – seems that this will be a nice semester!

Although, understanding Italian is harder than I thought. I had my first classes today – one of which was not too hard to follow thanks to a well articulating teacher and the other with a teacher who doesn’t stop mumbling.  He does have a microphone, though it works only half of the time.

Well, of course my Italian isn’t that good either… Yet. But there are some words I already learned within the last days. Mostly practical things you need in a flat. One of those words is vacuum cleaner, Staubsauger, aspira polvere. No, we don’t have one here, and I already miss my yellow Miele Sweetheart. But, strangely, I hear this word all the time. People walking behind me, on the TV and everywhere else seem to be talking about nothing else. Next it will follow me into my dreams… L’aspira polvere.


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